There is no cure yet for Dementia and Alzheimer, only medication but Let's Go Escargot made a promise:


Help as much very young childrens and people diagnosed with Dementia and/or Alzheimer's and provide them with a great Fun and Fab French time!


Introducing a second language into their lives to try to slow down the degenerative process and have a Fun and Fab French time! Entertaining Young and Elderly people the same way with singing, dancing, reading laughing and exploring another language.


As Mamy Jacqueline use to say after being diagnose with Alzheimer's:

"Je ne perds pas la tête tout de même, Oh là là!"


"Audrey, Honestly I am not loosing my mind, Oh là là!"

Let'sGoEscargot_FrenchClub_Kent MamyJacqueline-05102013

Pour toi ma Mamy 1925-2013

Bisous de ton Petit Escargot