Bienvenue chez Let's Go Escargot!

FUN & FAB FRENCH CLUB by a native French in Kent!


Let's Go Escargot offers hands on and playful French Club for children aged between 0-5 years old and also OAP's in Care homes in Deal, Walmer, Sandwich area and surroundings



Let’s Go Escargot French Club has develop a Fun and Fabulous “Let's Go Approach” in learning French. Let’s Go Escargot French Club  is a great opportunity for anyone to develop their confidence in learning & speaking French while having Fun!


In our Fun and Fab French lesson we will be exploring French language/culture, listening to stories & nursery rhymes,  singing  the “Petit Escargot" song And much more.. Let’s Go Escargot  is definitely a Fun & Fab French time! So Let’s Learn French with Fun the natural way!


Let’s Go Escargot Educational French weekly sessions!


French Club @ £7  Per Petit Escargot/Per Child Parents and carers welcome.


Let's Go Silver Escargot for OAP's, Care homes from £30/ Session


Please contact us to book your French session or to discuss your requirements!


A Bientôt!

Audrey , Leader Escargot